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Sep. 12th, 2011


Buffalo Furs Dinner & Bowling Meet September 24th!

Monthly Dinner + Midnight Bowling Furmeet

*** NEW DATE ***
Saturday, September 24th...


Ponderosa Steakhouse
(Same place as last month)
8612 Niagara Falls Boulevard
Niagara Falls, NY 14304
~ Dinner is at 8:00 pm! ~

Midnight Bowling:

Rapids Bowling Center
(Same place as always)
9524 Niagara Falls Boulevard
Niagara Falls, NY 14304
~ Assemble in the bar/grill at the front of the alley at 10:00pm. Bowling will start at midnight! ~

Discussion forums:


If you need a ride please contact other furs that are going to arrange a car pool ASAP. Please don't wait till an hour before the meet to try and find a ride. If you don't know anyone who is going, contact Chance, Kevon, or Xaviera and we can help link you up with people who are driving. Tails + suits are obviously encouraged for bowling. New members are always welcome! :3

We have also set up an RSVP form that will help us organize better and to get a better estimate on attendance numbers. So if you could please quickly sign up here:


It shouldn't take more than 5 seconds and it would help us out tremendously and make the event run smoother for everyone.

Don't forget to print a coupon (or two) for bowling to get $2.00 off: http://www.rapidsbowlingcenter.com/coupons.asp

Aug. 26th, 2011


Buffalo Furs Mini-Golf/Bowling Meet (8/27/11)

___Buffalo Furs Meet___

I hope everyone is excited for the Mini-Golf/Bowling Meet Saturday night!

Here is a reminder of the details:

Saturday, August 27

6:00 PM, Fursuit Mini-Golf

Adventure Landing
2400 Sheridan Drive
Tonawanda, NY 14150

8:00 PM, Dinner

Ponderosa Steakhouse
8612 Niagara Falls Boulevard
Niagara Falls, NY 14304

10:00 PM, Assemble
12 AM, Moonlight Bowling

Rapids Bowling Center
9524 Niagara Falls Boulevard
Niagara Falls, NY 14304

There will be a person filming during the entirety of the meet, so this is great opportunity to show off our Buffalo and WNY pride. Make sure to wear your Buffalo/NF/WNY/Local Colleges/Local Sports team gear. It's an awesome chance to advertise our local community, and show how much fun we have. I know that I will be wearing my Buff. State sweatshirt while suiting, everyone has at least one WNY piece of gear in their closet.

If you need a ride please contact other furs that are going to arrange a car pool ASAP. Please don't wait till an hour before the meet to try and find a ride. If you don't know anyone who is going, contact me and I can link you up with people who are driving.

Don't forget to print the coupon for bowling, it's $2.00 off. - http://www.rapidsbowlingcenter.com/coupons.asp

We always have a great time, so lets make this meet the most awesome it's ever been!

Aug. 11th, 2011


Buffalo Furs Upcoming Bowling Meets 2011 Master List - Draft

To ensure proper planning for all feature bowling meets, below is a attempt at picking dates that work for everyone for the rest of the year.

The list will be finalized Aug. 18th, 2011 with the final dates. Please comment here - http://buffalofurs.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=433 if the dates work or don't. If the dates don't work for most, they will be changed. Everyone's input is highly appreciated.

Please note we are just picking the dates for the bowling meets for 2011, not dealing with anything else (ie. dinner location).

Draft Dates -

Saturday August 27th (Date is set in stone, just for reference)
Saturday September 18th
Saturday October 9th
Saturday November 13th
Saturday December 11th

Location will be:

Rapids Bowling Center
9524 Niagara Falls Boulevard
Niagara Falls, NY 14304

12 AM, Moonlight Bowling


Please don't comment here on the dates! Comment on the forums to ensure that there is only one central location for conversation - http://buffalofurs.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=433


- Chance

May. 8th, 2011


Pre-Registraion is OPEN for the Western PA Furry Weekend! Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2011

Hey yinz out there!

I'm excited to announce that pre-registration is open to attend this year's Western PA Furry Weekend, scheduled for September 30 through October 2! Now in its 11th year the WPAFW provides a fun-filled and intimate social event revolving around an outdoor BBQ in the park. Come join us for a weekend of fun and friends!

Our Featured Artist for 2011 is local furry artist Kyote!

This year, we'll be raising donations in support of Clarion PAWS through our fantastic Charity Raffle. Clarion PAWS is a Pet Adoption and Welfare Society serving Clarion, Forest, Jefferson, and Venango counties in North-Western Pennsylvania. Currently they are embarking on a capture, spay-neuter, and release program to control the stray cat population in the major population centers of Clarion, Forest, Jefferson and Venango counties in PA.

Pre-Registration at the low price of $25 is available until Sept. 12 for Friday and Saturday activities. "Early Birds" registering before June 30th can grab a membership for only $20!

You may also register as a Sponsor for $50 which gets you a cool sponsor gift, extra raffle tickets, head-of-the-line privileges for delicious eats at the park, and of course our undying gratitude. You know you don't want to miss out on that!

For additional information as well as our special hotel room rates please visit our website at www.wpafw.org.

The Staff and I look forward to seeing you here!

Registration; WPAFW'11

Mar. 31st, 2011

Mizu Astrum


Albany Furs

New group for Albany and the surrounding area

Mar. 12th, 2011

Mizu Astrum


Furs of New York State: UNITE!

Hi guys, it's Mizu Astrum, your resident aqua wolf from New York City here to deliver a message.

As you may or my not  know, I have been planning a meet-up involving furries in NY for Anthrocon for a while, and it's going in stages.

The first stage was to see who among those going to AC are from New York in the Anthrocon Forums and wouldn't mind meeting up.

And Stage 2 is near completion, which is gathering a list of all the fur groups on the internet in New York.

Now Stage 3 is to find responsible people in these furgroups or furs from different parts of the state and have about 3-5 people conduct this Meet and Greet, which will have the following Goals:

     1. Gather furries from Different Parts of New York State

     2. Identify the different furgroups in the state and what they cover geographically.

     3. Organize and/or announce future furmeets and offer tips on furmeets

Stage 4 is to request this as an event to Anthrocon Programming and get the logistics of Meet and Greets.

Once getting those materials, Stage 5 will consist of creating icebreakers and come up with ideas to get furs to know one another, get furs more comfortable with one another, and different meet ideas, including a future state-wide meet among those conducting the Meet and Greet.

The last Stage of course is implementing this plan at Anthrocon.

So far, I know someone in New York City that would be up for conducting this event. So for Stage 3 to be completed, if anyone in the Long Island, Albany, Buffalo, Syracuse, and so on want to help conduct this event, please reply here or via PM or my messengers. I have someone from NYC and from Buffalo willing to help. Can someone here help make this happen for this year?

Original Post: http://www.anthrocon.org/node/6209/furs-new-york-state-unite

Sep. 17th, 2010



Albany, NY LarkFEST furmeet, 9/25 (x-posted)

Hey guys, I'm trying to get a furmeet going for LarkFEST, Saturday, 9/25 in Albany, NY. I've brought it up to several people and they're all showing interest, so come join us! We're going to be meeting at the giant fountain of Moses splitting the red sea in Washington Park, which is close enough to Lark Street that it's not a major walk, and far enough away that we should be able to know who's who. Though LarkFEST starts at 10 AM, we'll probably meet at the fountain at 11 AM, and hang out there for about 15 minutes. Expect difficulties finding parking, and wear some good walking shoes. :-)

LarkFEST's website and music schedule are at: http://www.albany.com/news/larkfest.cfm

We're meeting here (google map 42.655014,-73.77009 if you can't see this): http://maps.google.com/maps?q=42.655014,-73.77009&num=1&t=h&sll=42.658355,-73.772791&sspn=0.016412,0.032015&ie=UTF8&ll=42.65501,-73.770071&spn=0.001095,0.002411&z=19

Pass this along! It's open invite, so don't be afraid to show up. :-)

Sep. 16th, 2010

Keoni 3


Strong Museum of Play...

I'm beginning the planning stages of organizing a furmeet to the Strong Museum of Play (a museum dedicated to the various forms of play, especially toys) to spend about 2 hours touring the museum, especially touring its International Center for the History of Electronic Games (yes it includes a museum on video games).

I do not have a date scheduled but yet but I'm looking for late October or November.

If you are interested PLEASE leave a comment so I can get a preliminary idea of how many want to go just based on what I've said here. I'm very curious to know whether a Saturday or a Sunday date is workable. (I have a class on Saturday mornings that doesn't totally interfere with going, just makes Saturdays a little more busy for me)

Currently Single Admission for an adult is $11 (16-62) and for Children $9 (2-15). Depending on how many are interested at this time I can get a group discount, but the discount applies at with a group larger than 10.


-- John O.

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