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FOX-mas 2011 "My Little Party: FOX-mas Is Magic"

It's that time of year again! Time for the FOXmas party! this year it will be at my house again so we have to limit attendance so please RSVP and do so soon so I can make sure we have enough food and drink.

To change things up a little this year, we decided to do a themed FOXmas Party - "My Little Party: FOXmas is Magic". What do ponies have to do with Christmas, you may ask? And the answer is that that is like *the* stereotypical thing little girls ask for from Santa. I suspect that's actually how the MLP franchise came about... parents who's daughters asked for a pony and they don't want to disappoint.

This year we HAVE to be Strictly 21+, and we will be checking IDs for any and all newcomers.

Grazing will start at 7pm and the party will get underway officially at 8pm on December 10. Food & mixed drinks provided (its a light dinner of finger-food mostly. Don't expect a full sit-down spread! Although at some point someone always orders pizza at these things, but if you want pizza bring a couple extra bucks to pitch in!). If you would like to bring food to help out please check with me ahead of time so we don't wind up with 100 bags of tortilla chips and no salsa!

It is also Goatmancer's birthday so we will have CAKE!!!!

Hangover breakfast is at 12:30 the following afternoon. The location to be decided at the FOXmas party... but typically it will be someplace with all-day breakfast (breakfast has such good hangover food).

Its going to be the _BEST NIGHT EVER_! (At least until the next one) :P

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