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Buffalo Furs Mini-Golf/Bowling Meet (8/27/11)

___Buffalo Furs Meet___

I hope everyone is excited for the Mini-Golf/Bowling Meet Saturday night!

Here is a reminder of the details:

Saturday, August 27

6:00 PM, Fursuit Mini-Golf

Adventure Landing
2400 Sheridan Drive
Tonawanda, NY 14150

8:00 PM, Dinner

Ponderosa Steakhouse
8612 Niagara Falls Boulevard
Niagara Falls, NY 14304

10:00 PM, Assemble
12 AM, Moonlight Bowling

Rapids Bowling Center
9524 Niagara Falls Boulevard
Niagara Falls, NY 14304

There will be a person filming during the entirety of the meet, so this is great opportunity to show off our Buffalo and WNY pride. Make sure to wear your Buffalo/NF/WNY/Local Colleges/Local Sports team gear. It's an awesome chance to advertise our local community, and show how much fun we have. I know that I will be wearing my Buff. State sweatshirt while suiting, everyone has at least one WNY piece of gear in their closet.

If you need a ride please contact other furs that are going to arrange a car pool ASAP. Please don't wait till an hour before the meet to try and find a ride. If you don't know anyone who is going, contact me and I can link you up with people who are driving.

Don't forget to print the coupon for bowling, it's $2.00 off. - http://www.rapidsbowlingcenter.com/coupons.asp

We always have a great time, so lets make this meet the most awesome it's ever been!


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